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We offer complete turnkey sign solutions for churches, synagogues, temples and other religious organizations. Over 30 years of our existence, churches of different denominations have bought their electric outdoor signs from us and have been very satisfied with it.

Church Signs are a great tool to keep your congregations informed about news and events happening in your area and in your church. Beautifully designed, solid built electric message center signs or signs with marquee changeable copies have proven to be the best type of outdoor advertising for churches many times over. Your attention has definitely been attracted to a sign with funny quotes. Church leaders and pastors have successfully used our signs to offer their greetings to their community, visitors and passer-bys.

You can select from our pre-designed models or work with us to create your own custom outdoor church sign. Browse through our online catalog and we guarantee you will find the sign you like and need, and most importantly, you will enjoy the process of getting one when you order from us. Our skilled sign consultants are standing by. Call us: (386) 736-4918

Complete sign solutions come ready for installation. We have packaged our popular signs, ordered by our clients and manufactured by us, into 5 major classes according to their common characters.

Our complete signs are also considered the institutional signs because they are mostly installed for such institutions as school, churches, fire departments, public libraries, public recreational facilities such as parks and stadiums, etc.

Plastic Faces are formed with Acrysteel© (X-15) impact modified acrylic. We can paint or apply vinyl on your faces. There are 8 options for face areas. Click here to view.

Aluminum extruded cabinets come painted to your order, wired with ballasts, lamps and are ETL listed. For paint options for cabinet frames. Click here to view.

We offer 8 different decorative trim options. Click here to view.

Signs can be designed to be mounted in one of many popular ways. Click here to view.

Select any one of the models below and send us your artwork.

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Popular value signs.

Model: AA4X6 (Face area: 24.3 sq. ft.) Model: AA4X8 (Face area: 32.3 sq. ft.)
AA5X8 AA5X10
Model: AA5X8 (Face area: 40.4 sq. ft.) Model: AA5X10 (Face area: 50 sq. ft.)
AA6X10 AA6X12
Model: AA6X10 (Face area: 60 sq. ft.) Model: AA6X12 (Face area: 72 sq. ft.)


Monument style low-profile signs.

Model: BB3X8 (Face area: 24.6 sq. ft.) Model: BB3X8LL (Face area: 24 sq. ft.)
Model: BB4X8 (Face area: 32.7 sq. ft.) Model: BB4X8LL (Face area: 32.7 sq. ft.)
Model: BB4X10 (Face area: 40.4 sq. ft.) Model: BB4X10LL (Face area: 40.4 sq. ft.)
Model: BB5X12 (Face area: 60.5 sq. ft.) Model: BB5X12LL (Face area: 60.5 sq. ft.)


Sign where Header is separate from body.

Model: CC3X8LR (Face area: 36.5 sq. ft.) Model: CC4X10LR (Face area: 60.75 sq. ft.)


Signs where logo is on top of the body.

DD4X8 DD5X10
Model: DD4X8 (Face area: 37.4 sq. ft.) Model: DD5X10 (Face area: 58 sq. ft.)


Signs with Electronic Message Centers.

Model: EMC8X64 (Face area: 36.1 sq. ft.)

Model: EMC8X80 (Face area: 43.75 sq. ft.)

Model: EMC16X64 (Face area: 39.5 sq. ft.)

Model: EMC16X80 (Face area: 48.6 sq. ft.)

Model: EMC24X64 (Face area: 49.6 sq. ft.)

Model: EMC24X80 (Face area: 61 sq. ft.)

Face Options

Face area of our complete signs can be manufactured in one of 8 options below:

All Identification All Message Area
All Identification All Message Area
Extended Message Area inverted-face
Extended Message Area Inverted Face
Header Logo Combined on the Left Header Logo Combined on the Right
Header Logo Combined on the Left Header Logo Combined on the Right
header-logo-separate-left header-logo-separate-right
Header Logo Separated on the Left Header Logo Separated on the Right

Pole Cover Options

Our complete signs can come in one of three pole cover options: 1) Standard, No Pole Cover, 2) With Pole Cover, and 3) Pole Cover with Graphics

Standard, No Pole Cover
Standard, No Pole Cover

With Pole Cover
With Pole Cover


Pole Cover with Graphics
Pole Cover with Graphics


Frame and Cabinet Colors

White Black Dark Burgundy Dark Green Purple Dawn Turquoise
Orange Caution Yellow Chestnut Caramel Medium Bronze Pewter
Hunter Red Heron Blue Silver Grey Seascape Blue Bonnie Blue Light Beige

Decorative trim options

Decorative Trim Option - 1S Decorative Trim Option - 1D
1S 1D
Decorative Trim Option - 2S Decorative Trim Option - 2D
2S 2D
Decorative Trim Option - 3S Decorative Trim Option - 3D
3S 3D
Decorative Trim Option - 4S Decorative Trim Option - 4D
4S 4D
Decorative Trim Option - 5S Decorative Trim Option - 5D
5S 5D

Mounting Options

Double Pole Mount
Pedestal Mount
Double Pole Mount Pedestal Mount
Monument Mount
Atop of Wall Mount
Monument Mount Atop of Wall Mount
On-wall Mount
In-wall Mount
On-wall Mount In-wall Mount

Sign Features

  • Face - Logo/Face/Header area will be formed with impact resistant Acrylic - Acrysteel© (X-15). We can paint or apply vinyl per your specifications.
  • Changeable Copy - Depending on which model you choose, we will supply with a package of letters.
  • Vandal Cover - This keyed entry system keeps unauthorized people from changing your message or taking your letters. Every vandal cover is made using the solar grade polycarbonate. All models have keyed locks. The cover opens a full 90 degrees and stays open with self-locking mechanical props.
  • Frame Construction - Our cabinets are constructed from high-strength, rust-proof aluminum extrusions. Pole covers are made from aluminum also.
  • Frame Finish - Our cabinet frames and poles are painted with high quality, fade resistant, chip resistant, graffiti resistant lacryl paint per your order. or stucco.
  • Illumination - Lighted cabinets are illuminated by GE High Output Cool White Flourescent lamps. Also can be non-illuminated.
  • Sides - Signs are availabe single or double sided.
  • ETL - All lighted cabinets come with ETL labels.
  • Foundation Drawings - Signs come with engineered foundation drawings.
  • Pole Covers - Pole covers are created from aluminum and painted (or stucco). Pole covers accept the lettering you need (address, donated by, etc).
  • Easy Installation - Shipped assembled and ready for easy installation by non-professional when local zoning allows.

Changeable Letter Copy Size Selection Guide

Letter Size Traffic Speed Viewing Distance
4 inch 25 to 35 MPH less than 200
6 inch 35 to 45 MPH less than 300
8 inch 45 to 55 MPH less than 400
10 inch 65 MPH less than 500

Class Number of Lines Letter Size Number of Letters
AA4X6/AA4X8 3 6" 495
AA4X6/AA4X8 4 4" 495
AA5X8/AA5X10 3 8" 495
AA5X8/AA5X10 4 6" 495
AA5X8/AA5X10 5 4" 660
AA6X10/AA6X12 4 8" 495
AA6X10/AA6X12 5 6" 660
BB3X8LL/BB3X8LR 4 4" 495
BB4X8/BB4X10 4 8" 495
BB4X8/BB4X10 5 6" 495
BB5X12LL/BB5X12LR 4 10" 495
BB5X12LL/BB5X12LR 5 8" 495
CC3X8LL/CC3X8LL 4 6" 495
CC3X8LL/CC3X8LL 5 4" 660
CC4X10LL/CC4X10LL 4 8" 495
CC4X10LL/CC4X10LL 5 6" 660
DD4X8 3 6" 495
DD4X8 4 4" 660
DD5X10 3 8" 495
DD5X10 4 6" 495
DD5X10 5 4" 660

Sign Financing:

Priority Leasing


Q. What do I have to know about Permits and Zoning?

A. Get answers for the following questions from your permits/code department:
  • How many square feet of sign face is allowed? How is that measured, cabinet only? Do symbols count? Is the allowance for one face or both faces in a double faced sign?
  • Is there a minimum or maximum height restriction? What is it?
  • Are there set back requirements? Minimum distance from the roadway or sidewalk?
  • Is internal illumination allowed? Is external illumination allowed?
  • Are you allowed a LED (electronic message center - moving message) sign?
  • Can anyone from your organization pull a permit or is a license necessary?
  • Can your organization install the sign themselves?
  • Can you have more than one sign?
  • Are engineer sealed prints required? Can they be a copy? Do they have to be sealed by an engineer in your state?
Q. What about the installation of the sign?

A. If you are not a sign company, you can install your sign youself or hire a local, licensed, insured contractor. We will provide you easy to follow instructions to walk you through the installation step by step. When you decided to install your sign youself it is preferred to have local electrician or brick mason assist you with wiring or building a wall if there is a need.

Q. How much do your signs cost?

A. If you picked out model and style you like, give us a call: (386) 736-4918 or send an email: We offer competitive prices.

Q. What kind of payment do you accept?

A. We accept company check, Mastercard/Visa, or cash. Additionally, you can lease your sign with our preferred third party vendor - Priority Leasing. Talk to our customer reps: (386) 736-4918

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